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Immortals Of Meluha Read-along:Week 3

Namaste Dear Read-a-long Readers, Welcome to the 3rd week discussion post of Immortals Of Meluha.

This event is hosed by Ankita @Booklok Coffee , Sarika and Janhvi @ The Readdicts and off course me.
This discussion will be about chapter 15 to chapter 21 that is From “Trial by Fire”  to  “Preparation of War”
I am not as smart as Sarika, her discussion was very realistic,she focused on every characters and compared it with the originals with photos (Heads Off to her MAN!)or Ankita(amazing writing style). 

So we will be discussing only on STORY & CHARECTERSTICTS. Which is again divided into questions.

So Lets Get Started!!!

1. What is the significance of the title? If you were the author what title you would give to the book ?

My Thoughts : I’ve really never given any thought on the word “ Immortal “ before reading the book , but i come to know about the significance of the title within 80 pages of the reading, In the chapter “ Tribe of Brahma “. The title is perfect but there is more to the title then it appears, If i were the author i would title this book as “ The Savoir of the Suryavanshis “

2. Has anything ever happened to you similar to what happened in the book? How did you react to it differently?

My Thoughts : Yes, i sometimes find myself staring at girls like shiva and also say stupid things when i am nervous,which can easily make a girl uncomfortable . AWKWARD!!!
Refer chapter 3 : She enters her life. For some notable quotes:

Oh hell!That came out all wrong.

O bloody hell! What am i saying?

I’m not going to impress her like this!

Shit what am i saying?!

Sometimes i just keep talking without realising what am i saying?

3. What surprised you the most about the book?

My Thoughts : Well, thats hard ! Even reading this book was surprising for me i never really thought i would read this book but i did. There are a couple of things that surprised me like Shiva’s first dance , but one scene in particular which surprised me the most was when sati was revealed as a VIKARMA,THE CARRIERS OF BAD FATE. I loved the way the scene was created : a short distance away on the main road,the procession of vikarma women walked silently on...At the centre of the procession, unseen by shiva with her head bowed low,draped in the blue angvastram that covered her from head to toe , her face a picture of resigned dignity ,trudged the forlorn of sati.

4. How important is the setting & time period to the story? How would it have played out differently in a different setting? What about a different time period?

My Thoughts : Well, In the story the time period did played an significant role. As the story was set in 1900 BC.

5. Were there any particular quotes that stood out to you? Why?

My Thoughts :Chapter 19 :Love Realised :“Life is long, And the road to Mount Mandar is short. You are not going to get rid of me that easily”
Chapter 19 :Love Realised: Shiva & Sati first night drama “ ‘The Neelkanth can do anything he wants.’ Oh Yes he can!” It was hilarious !!
And also the whole “THE SUN AND THE EARTH “ talk.

6.Which character could you relate to best and why? Talk about the secondary characters. Were they important to the story?

My Thoughts : There is not such character that i can particular relate to. But i did quite liked the way the author described the characters, i can actually picture each and every characters. I really liked Nandi and Brahaspati the sciencetist. No offence but i do not like Sati and sometimes shiva too.

7.How was the book structured? 

My Thoughts : The book is very complex. The number of characters was not too much nor too less. It was very manageable to remember all the characters. The author can use any structural or narrative devices like flashbacks(except shiva’s dream about his past) or multiple voices in telling the story. I really think it would take the book to another level.

8.Lets talk about the author's use of language/writing style?

My Thoughts : As the story was set in 1900 B.C Language does play an imported part in the story. I author did not do justice with the language he used , sometime he uses the word like “Ayushman Bhav” and the next thing that know that he uses the word like “nonsense” or “oxidants” or that The language of Shiva was kind an issue for me. He uses Dammit! a lot.The language was almost appropriate to the story. it Was neither poetic nor vernacular.I think the author was fairly descriptive.

9. Lets talk about the plot?

My Thoughts : I like the way how the story pick up. The first 7 chapters focused mainly on the background of the story like Shiva, Sati, Lord Ram’s unfinished task ,Somras, Suryavanshi ,Chandravanshis & The NAGAS. And the next 7 chapters focused on Shiva & Sati Romance, journey through Meluha. And again next 7 chapters were mostly about WARS!! Can’t wait to read the next few chapters.

10.Finally, what else struck you about the book as good or bad? What did you like or dislike about it that we haven't discussed already?

My Thoughts : Oh Boy !! this could take a while.
While reading there were lot of moments when i laughed my ass off, Like when shiva dances for the first time, it was an element of surprise. Sword fighting of sati with the nagas. When shiva heard sati dancing his HAIRS stand up(i mean what was that).
Sometimes i feel that conversation were very predictable, but overall the story was easy to go through. It really bugs me out that shiva always keep saying that he just a normal person, how can he destroy the evil. I like the efforts made by your Highness(Daksha) to bring shiva and sati close. And off course the romance which make the story interesting . In chapter Sati & the fire arrow it irritated me so much when Shiva says it was Ayurvati who treated Sati, and Ayurvati says it was shiva who treated her(3-4 times they did continuously). FOR THE LOVE OF GOD IT WAS SOMRAS WHO TREATED HER AND NOT HIM NOR HER!!. Also the in Trial by Fire Sati knife fighting scene has been copied from a Chinese movie(i don’t remember the name).

11.Were you glad you read this book? Did this book make you want to read sequel?

My Thoughts : I guess YES!

12.One Last Funny Question ,If you could smack any of the characters upside the head, who would it be and why?

My Thoughts : Hmm..  Maybe the queen of THE NAGAS!! 

I hope you enjoy my discussion. Don’t forget to check out Jhanvi post next week @The Readaddicts

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The Immortals of Meluha {READ ALONG}

There’s this series everyone’s been raving about, saying how awesome the characters are and how fun the story is. And here I am and I’ve yet to read it. I don’t know about you, but I hate being left out of the loop. Thanks to Sarika and Janvhi  from The Readdicts and Ankita form Booklokcoffee, I have this amazing opportunity to read. and we are hoping you to join us!


From Goodreads :

1900 BC. In what modern Indians mistakenly call .The only hope for the Suryavanshis is an ancient legend: When evil reaches epic proportions, when all seems lost, when it appears that your enemies have triumphed, a hero will emerge.Is the rough-hewn Tibetan immigrant Shiva, really that hero? And does he want to be that hero at all? Drawn suddenly to his destiny, by duty as well as by love, will Shiva lead the Suryavanshi vengeance and destroy evil?Is the rough-hewn Tibetan immigrant Shiva, really that hero? And does he want to be that hero at all? Drawn suddenly to his destiny, by duty as well as by love, will Shiva lead the Suryavanshi vengeance and destroy evil?


The Readdicts


We are going to kick the reading off on Sunday, June 2th (that's Today) Then, we will reconvene every Sunday for  four weeks to recap what we've read, discuss characterization, themes, etc., and perhaps commiserate with one another . Here is our reading schedule:

Have you been wanting to tackle this book, too? Or have you read it and want to reread it, offering the rest of us insight? Read along with us, stop by the blog, join in the discussion,On the above mentioned dates we will be discussing about the book on our respected blogs . we will also keep our self  updated through twitter, use the hashtag #IOMreadalong in your tweets.

And, if you so choose, post your thoughts on the reading on your own blog, and leave the link in the comments. If you do not have a blog, you are still welcome to join! Just leave your thoughts and updates on your progress in the comments.

Are you participating in the readalong?  Let me know and I'll stop by your blog!

Don't have the Book, not to worry ! You can buy it here :

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The Kings Of Summer Trailer

Check Out The Trailer Guys:-

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Glitches By Marissa Meyer

illustration by GONI MONTES
Presenting a new science fiction original story, “Glitches,” by author Marissa Meyer, who’s first novel Cinder arrives on January 3rd. You can find an excerpt here, along with an option to purchase further chapters.
Want to know how the art for this came together? Check out sketches and alternate takes on Cinder in Goni Montes’ “Creating the Art” post.
Cinder, a gifted mechanic, is a cyborg. She’s a second-class citizen with a mysterious past, reviled by her stepmother and blamed for her stepsister’s illness. In “Glitches,” a short prequel story to Cinder,  we see the results of that illness play out, and the emotional toll that takes on Cinder. Something that may, or may not, be a glitch....
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Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen

 Author: Wendelin Van Draanen 

 No. Of Pages: 224 Publisher: Knopf Books for Young    Readers 

 Publication Date: October 9, 2001

 Rating: 5 Hearts

My Verdict :

The first time she saw Bryce Loski, she flipped. The first time he saw Juli Baker, he ran. For six years these neighbors had played the same game of cat-and-mouse (Juli was the cat; Bryce was the unfortunate mouse). 

For years Juli dreamed of one thing: her first kiss from the boy with those gorgeous baby blues eyes . Nothing else seemed to matter. But when Juli’s favorite sycamore tree is threatened by developers, things begin to change. She begins to see things and places and people in a different light. Things, for years, she thought to be important, become things she can live without; and people she thought to be the center of her universe, become nothing more than a star in a far away galaxy.

Things begin changing with Bryce also. It all begins with the eggs…which then cause a domino effect of changes with his relationships with his best friend, his father, the Bakers and, ultimately, Juli.

I had seen this book on the shelf at bookstores for years, but never bothered to pick it up, Until I heard about Flipped the movie. I read an interview with Callan McAuliffe (the actor who portrays Bryce) and thought that Flipped was a romance right up my alley; cute and innocent After reading the interview and a summary of the movie, I found the plot-line to be somewhat appealing and a definite breath of fresh air opposed to the dark material I have been recently reading and writing. I found the book a few days later in a cornerbookstore and finished it in one seating.

The story isn’t what you would consider deep…it isn’t shallow and pointless either…I guess you could say it’s the perfect balance of life-lessons and innocence. 

You read about Bryce and Juli (each from their own points of view) and how, throughout six years, their lives and views and opinions change and develop. Flipped is somewhat of a coming of age story about two kids learning to see life from the other’s point of view and learning that growing up isn’t about staying the same, but changing; changing likes and dislikes; changing friends and crushes and views on family.

Uniquely written, every other chapter showing the same scenes and events, only from the other’s point of view, you see how the saying, “Two sides to every story,” is true. You are able to see both Juli and Bryce’s reasons for doing what they do and saying what they say…not just what the other sees.

It will be interesting to see how this writing style comes into play in the movie. Overall I thought this story was incredibly cute and light-hearted, although it didn’t entirely meet my expectations. Especially the ending.(i am being harsh here) I felt as though it ended quite abruptly and that there was more story that needed to be told. (may be i don't want the story to end)

But even with that, after having taken a step back and taken my mind off of Flipped, I find the story has stuck with me and stayed in the back of my mind, making me highly anticipate seeing this book turned to a film.

PS: The movie was incredibly awesome

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The Giver (The Giver Quartet #1) by Lois Lowry

Jonas lives in a perfect society--no pain, no crime, no unhappiness. But when he receives his life assignment to be the Receiver of Memories, he discovers secrets about the past, and the terrible choices that make this world possible.

In the perfect future world in which Jonas lives, twelve-year-old children are given their life assignments at the Ceremony of Twelve. Jonas is shocked when he is chosen to be the new Receiver of Memories, a mysterious position of honor held by only one person at a time.

He is trained by the previous Receiver, now called the Giver. The training consists of transferring to him memories of a past--before the imposition of Sameness--that the others in the community can't even imagine, in which there was war, hunger, and disease, but also color, weather, and strong emotions. Gradually Jonas comes to understand, and resent, the choices that had to be made to create his world, and the terrible secrets behind its perfection.

This is an excellent book and will give you plenty to think about.

I'am totally in love with the author. Currently i'am also reading his many short story books..!

This has always and will always continue to be one of my all time favorite books. I strongly recommend reading it even if you don't enjoy dystopian novels
I can't wait to put my hands on the second installment .
5 Out Of 5 stars.
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The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Gud read..but not satisfied..
Charlie is an outsider, a typical wallflower. He gets bullied at school and prefers taking the forty minute walk home instead of the school bus. Charlie is sixteen years old and when he starts high school, his life is going to change forever.

In a series of letters written by Charlie and sent to an anonymous person we learn about his life, his new friends, his family and especially Charlie himself. He writes about school and his English teacher, Bill, who gives Charlie extra books to read. Charlie then writes essays about them. He would like to become a writer some day.

Charlie himself is a mystery. He has mental problems, gets angry, sees things and then passes out. Right before he started high school his best friend shot himself, but there is also another, worse reason for his problems. At school Charlie meets Patrick and Sam, both of whom are outsiders too, just cooler ones. Patrick is gay and before his stepsister Sam introduced him to "good" music, he was a popular kid. They introduce Charlie to all kinds of new things. Parties, drugs and rock music become new parts of Charlie's life and for the first time he knows what it really means to have good friends.

What makes this book so special and authentic is its reality. As an adult it takes you back to when you were a teenager, as a child it shows you what lies ahead and as a teenager it inspires you. And as we all know there is no other time when finding out who you are and where you belong to is more immediate than when you are a teenager.